Bosch Tools DAF220K Miterfinder Digital Angle Finder + Case and Extension

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Bosch Tools DAF220K Miterfinder Digital Angle Finder + Case and Extension

Bosch $10 Off $100 Measuring Tool Purchase

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  • Best of the Best in an all-in-one Versatile Digital Angle Finders
  • Precisely measures the exact angle of a corner or workpiece
  • Provides you with the exact miter setting needed for those simple miter cuts
  • Looking to do crown moldings, no problem the Bosch Angle Finder calculates the exact miter & bevel
  • Built-in vertical and horizontal spirit level with an easy-to-read digital display (front/back)
  • Offers Leg Extensions to measure angles if located in confined situation
  • Kit includes a hard thermoformed foam carrying case which will protect your Miterfinder
  • Our suggested replacement for the Bosch DWM40L

Installing molding or baseboards requires accurate measurement and precise joints to look good. The Bosch DAF220K Miterfinder Digital Angel Finder takes the fear out of even the most uneven corner. You might find yourself installing molding which may be joined with mitered cuts at internal and external corners including baseboards, chair rails, picture rails, door frames, staircase balusters and picture frames. The Bosch Angle Finder will calculate the exact miter angle needed for that perfect fit. The miterfinder can also be used to copy existing angles from one location to another. Measure the angle to be transferred and keep the tool opened to that angle. Place the contact edges of the tool onto the workpiece and mark. Just find your angle and make that mitered cut with a power miter saw. Tools Plus highly recommends the DAF220K based on its user friendly features and multiple uses.

Installing Crown Molding with your DAS220K

Crown molding can add a dramatic, rich look to almost any room, finishing the wall and providing a stylish transition to the ceiling surface. Crown molding also has a practical benefit by hiding any imperfections where the walls and ceiling meet. The Bosch Miterfinder can be used to easily determine the miter and bevel angles needed to create such a dramatic look and create precision joints at compound angles. First you need to find the spring angle or the angle between the back of the crown molding and the wall. Open the legs of the Bosch DAF220K to crown molding's spring angle, then set this value as the spring angle by pressing the compound MTR button. This process is confirmed by the "SPR" appearing in the display window. Second, measure the corner angle by placing the legs flat against the walls. Store the corner angle by again pressing the compound "MTR" button. You will see a "CNR" appear in the display window. Third, you have to determine the miter angle & bevel angles by pressing the compound "MTR" button once again to display the necessary miter angle. You will see "MTR" appear in the display window. Press the compound MTR Button again to display the necessary bevel angle and "BVL" will appear in the display window. Fourth, Set the miter and bevel angles on the miter saw, taking care to properly orient the workpiece according to the saws instruction manual.

The DAF220K includes:

  • 1x Bosch Miterfinder Digital Angle Finder
  • 1x Leg Extension
  • 1x Hard Thermoformed Case
  • 1x AA 1.5V Batteries

Tech Specs:

  • Angle Accuracy: +/- 0.1°
  • Automatic Shutoff: 3 Minutes
  • Battery: 4 AA 1.5V Batteries
  • Battery Life: 130 Hours
  • Compound Cut Input Angle Range: 0° — 180°
  • Country of Origin: Malaysia
  • Leg Extension Length: 16"
  • Leg Extension Range: 0" — 6-3/4"
  • Leveling Accuracy (Vial): +/- 0.05°
  • Range: 0° to 220°
  • Readout Accuracy: +/-0.1°
  • Simple Miter Cut Input Angle Range: 0° — 220°
  • Weight (lbs.): 2.4

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