Bostitch MCN250 35 Deg. Strapshot Metal Connector Nailer

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Bostitch MCN250 2-1/2" 35 Deg. Strapshot Metal Connector Nailer

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  • The ideal choice for fastening metal straps, joist hangers, anchors and hurricane and rafter ties
  • Unique nose design exposes the tip of the nail so it can be placed precisely into strap holes, reducing mis-fires and ruined straps
  • Drives 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" 35 deg. paper collated metal connector nails in a wide variety of possible applications
  • Adjustable exhaust keeps air and possible debris directed away from user
  • Advanced nail feed design reduces jams and misfires
  • Safety lockout prevents the tool from firing with less than 5 nails, eliminating dry fires
  • Integrated rafter hook allow the tool to be stored safely when not in use
  • Long magazine design holds up to 53 nails for increased productivity

Metal strapping and ties are becoming more popular every day and are required in many building applications in order to keep structures up to code. Installing strapping with a traditional nailer can be a tricky process, and no one has time to do it by hand. The Bostitch MCN250 2-1/2" Strapshot Metal Connector Nailer is designed specifically for installing metal straps and ties of all kinds, and it takes the guesswork out of fastening these types of connectors. The exposed tip design allows you to place the tip of the nail perfectly in the hole BEFORE firing, eliminating the misfires and busted straps associated with other fastening options. The Bostitch MCN250 will not only allow you to work more accurately, but it will also speed up the entire installation process, meaning more productivity and more money in your pocket.

The MCN250 includes:

  • One (1) Bostitch Strapshot Metal Connect Nailer (Long Magazine)
  • One (1) Carrying Case

Tech Specs:

  • Height: 13-1/4-in
  • Length: 16-1/2-in
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Fastener Length: 1-1/2-in - 2-1/2-in
  • Gauge: 0.113-in - 0.162-in Diameter
  • Magazine Capacity: 53
  • Fastener Type: 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" 35° paper tape metal connector nails
  • Driving Power: 600 in-lbs.
  • Fitting Type: 1/4-in NPT
  • Ship Weight: 11.2 lbs.
Overall Rating for Bostitch MCN250 35 Deg. Strapshot Metal Connector Nailer
(based on 1 review)
What's not to like?
By Paul from Cape Cod on February 12, 2012
The gun is fine - and I've had great experience with Tools Plus over the years. My only minor complaint is with the price of stick nails, a price which reflects the labor-savings derived from the product.

I would recommend this item to a friend.

Bostitch MCN250 35 Deg. Strapshot Metal Connector Nailer

Bostitch MCN150 35 Deg. STRAPSHOT Metal Connector Nailer
Bostitch Logo

Bostitch MCN150 1-1/2" 35 Deg. STRAPSHOT Metal Connector Nailer

  • Specifically designed to be lightweight and compact, easily fits between 12" spaced joists
  • Nail lockout prevents dry-fries and possible damage
  • Fastener tip is exposed for precise nail setting and firing into strap
Out of Stock
Bostitch MCN250 S STRAPSHOT Metal Connector Nailer
Bostitch Logo

Bostitch MCN250 S 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" STRAPSHOT Metal Connector Nailer

  • This is the "short magazine" version of the Bostitch MCN250, easy to maneuver and operate in tight spaces
  • Nail tip is exposed prior to firing, allowing for precise fastener placement and less misfires
  • Patent pending nail feeding feature prevents jams and keeps fasteners flowing smoothly
In Stock
Bostitch PT-MC13115-1M 35 deg. Strapshot Nails
Bostitch Logo

Bostitch PT-MC13115-1M 1-1/2" x .131 35 deg. Strapshot Nails

  • 1,000 of the best metal connecting nails on the market are included
  • Smooth shank allows for a seamless entry and the bright, heat-treated finish keeps the nail firm
  • Compatible with F33PT, STRAPSHOT MCN-150, STRAPSHOT MCN-250 Bostitch tools
In Stock
Bostitch PT-MC13115GAL1M 35 deg Strapshot Nails
Bostitch Logo

Bostitch PT-MC13115GAL1M 1-1/2" x .131 35 deg Strapshot Nails

  • Thickcoat, galvanized, and heat-treated finishes strengthens the nails
  • Diamond point punches through both materials cleanly
  • Smooth shank for easy embedding and extraction (if necessary)
In Stock
Bostitch PT-MC14815-1M 35 deg. Strapshot Nails
Bostitch Logo

Bostitch PT-MC14815-1M 1-1/2" x .148 35 deg. Strapshot Nails

  • 1000 pack of quality fasteners designed for metal connector applications
  • High bend yield ration for the most durable connection possible
  • Diamond point and smooth shank for reliable and clean penetration
In Stock
Bostitch PT-MC14815GAL1M 35 deg. Strapshot Nails
Bostitch Logo

Bostitch PT-MC14815GAL1M 1-1/2" x .148 35 deg. Strapshot Nails

  • For the reliable and efficient fastening of metal connectors in construction applications
  • Galvanized finish protects the nail from the elements and keeps it holding firmly for years to come
  • Smooth shank and diamond point helps the nails fire reliably and penetrate cleanly
In Stock
Bostitch PT-MC14825G-1M 35 deg. Strapshot Nails
Bostitch Logo

Bostitch PT-MC14825G-1M 2-1/2" x .148 35 deg. Strapshot Nails

  • Designed for use in metal connector applications
  • A full 90,000 PSI of bend yield for maximum holding power
  • Thickcoat galvanized finish stands up to the elements
In Stock
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