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A traditional hammer can potentially damage softer, more delicate materials. When working with these types of materials, a mallet or dead-blow hammer is a smart choice. At Tools Plus we carry a wide variety of mallets and dead blow hammers that will protect the fragile material you work with. Rawhide mallets, like the Vaughan CR150, are used for leatherwork, jewelry, and assembling electric motors. Copper mallets reduce the chance of sparks when working on machinery. This is due to the fact that copper is a much softer metal, so the mallet is deformed rather than any steel object it is hitting. The rubber mallet is typically used to form sheet metal, since it does not leave a mark and the blow is softer than that delivered by a metal hammer.

Bostitch HFM-3 Graphite Hardwood Flooring Mallet
Bostitch Logo

Bostitch HFM-3 45 OZ Graphite Hardwood Flooring Mallet

  • Features a beveled face design that positively sets the board end and protects the wear layer
  • Soft face protects delicate flooring and is easily replaceable in case of wear
  • Comfortable handle features a graphite jacket that gives it added strength while still providing that "wood feel"
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Bostitch HFM-4 Graphite Hardwood Flooring Mallet
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Bostitch HFM-4 59 OZ. Graphite Hardwood Flooring Mallet

  • Soft mallet face protects flooring material and absorbs shock
  • Graphite handle is durable and lightweight while offering the feel of real wood
  • Comfortable grip with flared end for added control and safety
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Stanley  Compo-Cast Soft-Face Hammers
Stanley Tools / Stanley FatMax Logo

Stanley Compo-Cast Soft-Face Hammers

  • Uni-Cast construction of non-ferrous materials eliminate sparking and won't absorb liquids
  • No exposed metal on face, head or shaft
  • Soft faces prevent marring
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Stanley 51-104 Rubber Mallet
Stanley Tools / Stanley FatMax Logo

Stanley 51-104 16 oz Rubber Mallet

  • Rubber head helps minimize marring and surface damage
  • Tough rubber head molded to a wood handle
  • Lacquered hardwood handle
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Stanley 57-522 Hickory Handle Rubber Mallet
Stanley Tools / Stanley FatMax Logo

Stanley 57-522 18 oz Hickory Handle Rubber Mallet

  • Durable rubber head is great for woodworking, carpentry and more
  • Applies striking power without risk of damage to stock
  • Head is molded to a lacquered hickory handle that is lightweight and durable with that "wood feel"
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Vaughan CR150 Copper / Rawhide Mallet
Vaughan Hammers Logo

Vaughan CR150 1-1/2" Copper / Rawhide Mallet

  • Replaceable faces
  • Dual purpose hammer
  • High-durability 12" long handle
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Vaughan RM24 Rubber Mallet
Vaughan Hammers Logo

Vaughan RM24 24 oz Rubber Mallet

  • 2" diameter rubber heads with a 14" high quality wood handle
  • Excellent balance helps reduce arm fatigue
  • Forged steel head for added strength
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Vaughan SF12 Soft Face Hammer
Vaughan Hammers Logo

Vaughan SF12 12 oz Soft Face Hammer

  • 12-1/2" high quality handle
  • Forged steel head lends force to blows
  • One rubber and one plastic striking face
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