Irwin Strait Line 2031327 100' Speedline Pro Chalk + Reel + Sharpie

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Irwin Strait Line 2031327 100' Speedline Pro Chalk + Reel + Sharpie

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  • Nylon/polyester braided line is tougher than most competitive braided line
  • Works up to 3x faster than traditional chalk reels
  • Lightweight ABS plastic housing is tough enough to handle jobsite abuse
  • Bonus sharpie included
  • 3.5:1 gear ratio contributes to much faster rewind
  • Red chalk lasts longer than other colors, especially in less than ideal weather conditions

Irwin Strait Line offers great solutions to carpenters and roofers who need quick and easy straight lines. The 2030327 is a 100' Speedline Pro Chalk and Reel Combo that contains everything you need to get started. Red chalk is included if you need markings for a few days, especially when outside in varying weather conditions. The nylon/polyester braided line is stronger than most competitive braided line to ensure long-lasting and accurate performance. It has a 3.5:1 gear ratio which makes rewinding much quicker. A lot can happen on the jobsite, which is why the 2030327 is protected by ABS plastic housing, both lightweight and sturdy. As a bonus Irwin has an included a sharpie. Get the best price on the web on many Irwin Tools guaranteed.

The 2031327 includes:

  • 1x Sharpie
  • 1x Container Of Red Chalk
  • 1x Reel

UPC - 024721104113

How To Use A Chalk Line:

  1. The first step is to decide which color chalk to use. Blue is a good color for general purpose. If you need the same markings for a few days, especially if they need to stay out in various weather conditions, Red is recommended. Even fluorescent chalk is available if you need vibrant lines on certain surfaces.
  2. Fill the reel with chalk. Open the side door of your chalk line and pull out 12" of your line. Insert the tip of the chalk bottle into the side door and fill till it's about half full. Close the side door afterwards.
  3. Pull out a large amount of string and wind it back in 6-8 times. This is important to help coat the string before using it the first time.
  4. Place the hook at the end of your first mark. If you aren't hooking it to the end of the board you'll need to use a nail as an anchor. For quicker application time another person can hold the end on the mark.
  5. Put the reel end on the string on the other mark. Make sure the string is tight.
  6. Hold it up about 12 inches and then let go. The string should snap back to the surface and make a chalk line between the two marks.
  7. Wind up string when you are finished.

Tips From The Pros:

  • These instructions work for both basic chalk line and geared box since they have more or less the same functions.
  • Remove excess chalk by blowing, not wiping. Wiping only smears chalk.
  • Keep your string dry, if it gets wet the chalk will cake inside the reel and on the string.
Overall Rating for Irwin Strait Line 2031327 100' Speedline Pro Chalk + Reel + Sharpie
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Great product
By Peter A. from Longview, TX on February 22, 2013
This is top of the line! Push the button and the line releases easily- no more rewind arm smacking your fingers. When you are ready to retrieve the line, flip up the handle and it all comes back at 3x speed. Awesome.
easy release
fast rewind
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