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Jet's new line of parallel clamps has been rated among the top in quality and durability by professionals. Their innovative and exclusive design allows for 90 deg. clamping at up to 1000 lbs. of pressure. They feature ergonomic SUMOGRIPs and an easy to read Precision-Rule measurement system, and reversible jaws allow the clamp to be converted into a spreader for applying up to 1000lbs. of pressure on the inside of the piece. With extra wide opening capacities and patented slide-glide triggers, Jet Parallel clamps are a worthy addition to any collection.

JET  Parallel Clamps "ALL"
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JET Parallel Clamps "ALL"

  • Moveable rail stand/end stop helps preset clamping capacity rapidly and accurately
  • Exclusive design (patent pending) provides precision and power with exact 90° clamping at up to 1,000 lbs pressure
  • Precision-RuleTM measurement system (patent pending) provides a consistent setup and quick identification of opening capacity
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JET 70401 Parallel Framing Block Kit
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JET 70401 4 pk Parallel Framing Block Kit

  • The Cross Doc framing blocks can be used for gluing rectangular frames at four points safely and securely
  • 4 mounting holes provide a permanent, stable setup
  • Lightweight and durable
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JET 70402 Parallel Clamp Bench Dog
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JET 70402 4 pk Parallel Clamp Bench Dog

  • Used to maximize clamp stability
  • Tough aluminum design for added durability
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JET 70407 Parallel Clamp Moveable Foot
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JET 70407 4 pk Parallel Clamp Moveable Foot

  • Allows the Parallel Clamp to sit upright on a surface
  • Heavy duty contstruction and durable finish, built to last
  • An essential addition to any clamp collection
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JET 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set
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JET 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set

  • Including a deeper-than-standard throat and wide jaws, this versatile parallel clamp set is designed to handle your toughest woodworking projects
  • The Precision-Rule Measurement System featured along the rails offers you consistent setups and an exact reading on your openings--a unique feature other clamps fail to provide
  • The moveable, reversible jaws can be dual-purposed as spreaders, and the Slide-Glide trigger locks the jaws into place, allowing for smooth movemen
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