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The Adjustable Clamp Company, which manufactures Jorgensen Clamps, has the experience and talent to provide an excellent clamp. When the company started in 1903 by A.V. Holman, their primary focus was on the models 0 through 4 wooden screw clamps. When A.V. Holman secured his patents in the 20s and 30s, the focus branched out into C-clamps, steel bar clamps, and fixtures. When D.V. Holman took over in the 50s and 60s, the product line was altered to include more items and the spring and corner clamps came into the market. Today, the Adjustable Clamp Company manufacturers a wide variety of Jorgensen, Adjustable, and Pony brand products; including the Pony pipe clamps, "Cabinet Claw" cabinet clamp, bar clamps, and many other items.

With a history dating back over 100 years, The Adjustable Clamp Company is the undisputed heavyweight champion when it comes to clamp manufacturing. Their Jorgensen line of bar clamps comes in light, medium, or heavy duty, extreme reach, and many other specifications that allow you to clamp large and small items exactly the way they need to be.

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Jorgensen  3700 Series Bar Clamps "ALL"
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Jorgensen 3700 Series Bar Clamps "ALL"

  • Perfect for homecraft and cabinetry
  • High-carbon steel bar is lightweight and rust resistant
  • Movable sliding head easily opens and closes, allowing for quick size adjustments even in close-quarters applications
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Jorgensen  7200 Series Bar Clamps "ALL"
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Jorgensen 7200 Series Bar Clamps "ALL"

  • 6,000 lb load capacity
  • Steel I-Bar clamps are made of extra carbon and manganese to withstand industry, schools and home craftsmen use
  • Multiple disc clutch grips automatically at any point
Jorgensen  Cabinet Master 90° Parallel Steel Bar Clamps "ALL"
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Jorgensen Cabinet Master 90° Parallel Steel Bar Clamps "ALL"

  • The legendary "Cabinet Master", perfect for panel, box, frame, and of course cabinet assembly
  • Integrated clamp stand allows convenient, one-handed use
  • Heavy duty iron castings coated in a durable baked enamel coating
Jorgensen  One-Handed Bar Clamps "ALL"
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Jorgensen One-Handed Bar Clamps "ALL"

  • The first of its kind; an expandable clamp that can be joined with others to increase its capacity
  • Holds tighter, offers up to 76% more clamping force than the competition
  • Quick release knob makes adjustments and repositioning easy

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