Powermatic 1791210 15" Planer

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Powermatic 1791210 Model 15S 3HP 1PH 230V 15" Planer PLUS Digital Readout

For Pre-Sales questions on Powermatic Tools and Machinery, feel free to contact Customer Service at (888) 804-7129, or for technical issues call (800) 274-6846). For all warranty issues, please call (800) 274-6848.....and don't forget to tell them Lucy sent you!

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  • Powered by a 3HP TEFC motor with magnetic switch for added safety
  • Plenty of workpiece support from the large cast iron table and integrated extension table
  • Unique spiral cutterhead provides improved cut quality over traditional knife configurations
  • Large digital display provides accurate readout of table positioning
  • Oversized, cast iron handwheels make positioning the table quick and easy
  • Infeed roller is serrated to provide extra feeding assistance; smooth steel outfeed roller allows material to exit without binding
  • 1/8" maximum depth of cut for efficient material removal on a wide variety of stock
  • 2 speed gear box and automatic chain tensioning system provide smooth and trouble free operation

Powermatic Model 15S 15" Planer has the word "power" right in the name, and with good reason. Their machinery is legendary for performance and quality, with "power" being an integral part of every design right out of the gate. The Powermatic 15S Planer is just another in a long line of high quality machinery that's been helping craftsmen get work done for years. It features a high power 3 HP TEFC motor and an integrated magnetic switch that provides added safety during operation. The spiral cutterhead and knives provide super smooth cuts and improved finish over standard knife configurations, and the 1/8" maximum cut depth means you can get more done in less time. The handy digital display gives you precise readings on table adjustments and allows you to easily set up for repetitive, preset cuts. The Powermatic 15S Planer is designed for high production, heavy duty cutting and has all the features and quality you've come to expect from a name like Powermatic.

Please take note of (if applicable) the voltage and phase of the machine you are ordering. If necessary, check with your electrician.

The 1791210 includes:

  • 15S Planer with Digital Readout


  • 3 heavy duty v-belts transfer maximum power to the cutter for increased cutting efficiency
  • Sturdy, single piece stand features built in, lockable casters for easy maneuvering around the shop
  • Top mounted return rollers allow for simpler repetitive cuts
  • Highly efficient dust and chip removal system
  • Angled 4" dust port keeps collection hose away from the work area
  • Table locks securely in place to prevent movement during use and readjustment during repetitive tasks

Tech Specs:

  • Maximum Planing: 14 7/8"
  • Maximum Planing Thickness: 6"
  • Maximum Full Width Depth of Cut: 1/8"
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 1/4""
  • Minimum Planing Length: 8"
  • Cutterhead Diameter: 2 7/8"
  • Cutterhead Speed: 4500 RPM
  • Cuts Per Minute: 13500
  • Feed Rate: 16 and 20 FPM
  • Infeed Roller Diameter: 2.07"
  • Outfeed Roller Diameter: 2.07"
  • Number of Knives: 3
  • Table Size: 15" x 48" (w/extensions)
  • Dust Port Diameter: 4"
  • Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required: 800 cu.ft/min
  • Bed Rollers Adjustable from Front: n.a.
  • Readout Scale: inch/ metric
  • Segmented Infeed Roller Diameter: 2.07"
  • Table Height Adjust Manual: n.a.
  • Table Support: 4 column
  • Column Diameter: 2 3/16"
  • Rotation: Fwd
  • Amps: 15 A
  • Motor Power: 3 HP
  • Motor Phase: 1 Ph
  • Motor Voltage: 230 V
  • Model Number: 15S
  • Dimensions: 48 x 28 x 43-1/2
  • Height: 43.5"
  • Width: 28"
  • Length: 48"
  • Weight: 507 pound
Jet 5 Year Warranty

This item is covered by WMH's 5 Year Warranty.

WMH Stands behind every product it sells with outstanding customer service and support. Their multitude of service repair centers offer quick turnarounds and most of the time they can authorize warranty repair, assist you in locating replacement parts, and perform routine maintenance and large repairs on your tools and machinery. To find a service center near you, please call 1-800-274-6848.

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JET 708520 Digital Readout for 15" & 20" Planers
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JET 708520 Digital Readout for 15" & 20" Planers

  • Digital display for quick & precise table setting
  • Absolute and relative scales measures both actual board thickness and material to be removed
  • Fits all JET® & POWERMATIC® planers, easy to install, battery included
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Powermatic 1791213 15" Planer
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Powermatic 1791213 15HH 3 HP 1 PH 230 V 15" Planer with Byrd SHELIX Helical Cutterhead

  • Shear cut is far superior than a straight cut with the Byrd Shelix cutterhead
  • 3HP TEFC motor along with a magnetic switch for safety
  • Not necessary to replace knives even if you happen to plane a nail
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Powermatic 1791261 22" Planer
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Powermatic 1791261 201 22" Planer 7-1/2 HP, 1 PH, 230 V

  • Incredibly weighs 1300 lb. and made from cast iron
  • Advantage of 2 feed speeds - 20/30 fpm which handles both rough and fine projects
  • For multiple board planing, the infeed roller with sectional chipbreaker gets the job done
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Powermatic 1791267 22" Planer
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Powermatic 1791267 201HH 22" Planer 7-1/2 HP, 1PH, 230 V PLUS Helical Cutterhead

  • This 22" , single phase beauty has a Helical cutterhead for quiet and smooth cutting
  • No viabration because of solid cast iron construction
  • Rough or fine finish work is not a problem due to 2 feed speeds
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Powermatic 1791268 22" Planer
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Powermatic 1791268 201HH 22" Planer 7-1/2 HP, 3PH, 230 V PLUS Helical Cutterhead

  • 3 Phase Model of the 22" Planer with the amazing Helical cutterhead
  • Solid performance with heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • Not 1 but 2 feed speeds - 20/30 fpm
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Powermatic 1791296 20" Planer
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Powermatic 1791296 Model 209 5 HP, 1 Phase, 230V 20" Planer

  • Feed rollers and cutterhead supported by full cast iron head assembly for rigidity
  • 5HP motor and 20" planing capacity for heavy duty work
  • Fully enclosed base cabinet with integrated casters for shop mobility
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Powermatic 1791297 20" Planer
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Powermatic 1791297 Model 209 5 HP 3 PH 230V/460V 20" Planer

  • High capacity and powerful motor allow this planer to handle the toughest industrial work
  • Precision cutter head with 4 knives leaves behind a smooth chip free surface
  • Solid cast iron base design for added stability even under the heaviest load
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Powermatic 1791303 25" Planer
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Powermatic 1791303 WP2510 15 HP, 3 PH, 230/460V 25" Planer

  • Solid steel helical insert head with four-sided carbide insert tooling, eliminates need for adjustment after changing knives, reduces sound levels
  • Digital readout and simple PC controller make quick and easy table height set ups
  • Segmented serrated infeed roll with segmented chip breakers has 1/4" independent yield, for planing multiple height stock
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Powermatic 1791315 20" Helical Head Planer
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Powermatic 1791315 209HH 5 HP, 1 Phase, 230V 20" Helical Head Planer

  • Single Phase, 5 HP version, and includes the Byrd SHELIX Helical Head
  • Looking to do heavy duty work...10" planing capacity
  • Full enclosed base cabinet
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Powermatic 1791316 20" Helical Head Planer
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Powermatic 1791316 209HH 5 HP, 3 PH, 230-460V 20" Helical Head Planer

  • 3 Phase version of the 209HH with the Byrd SHELIX Helical Cutterhead
  • Cutterhead has 132 knife inserts for a much quieter cut
  • Looking for power this planer has it with 5 HP
In Stock
Powermatic 6284800 High Speed Steel Planer Knives
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Powermatic 6284800 15" High Speed Steel Planer Knives

  • Fits Powermatic model 15 15" planers
  • 3 knife set
  • Double sided knives
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Powermatic 708816 Knives HSS for Model 15S Planer
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Powermatic 708816 Set of 3 Knives HSS for Model 15S Planer

  • High Speed Steel
  • Compatible with Powermatic 15S
  • Precision sharpened blade for Powermatic accuracy
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