Proto Tool 2-1/2" Drive Impact Sockets - 6 Point

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Proto Tool 2-1/2" Drive Impact Sockets - 6 Point

Stock #Size (in)Nut End Outside Diameter (in)Drive End Outside Diameter (in)Nut Depth (in)Bolt Clearance Depth (in)Overall Length (in)AvailabilityPriceQty
J250281-3/44-3/1651-1/82-7/85-3/8In Stock
J250301-7/84-5/1651-3/162-7/85-3/8In Stock
J2503224-3/851-1/42-7/85-3/8In Stock
J250342-1/84-1/251-3/82-7/85-3/8In Stock
J250362-1/44-9/1651-7/1635-1/2In Stock
J250382-3/84-5/851-1/235-1/2In Stock
J250402-1/24-3/451-9/1635-1/2In Stock
J250412-9/164-3/451-5/835-1/2In Stock
J250422-5/84-13/1651-11/1635-1/2In Stock
J250442-3/44-15/1651-3/43-1/85-5/8In Stock
J250462-7/8551-13/163-1/85-5/8In Stock
J250472-15/165-1/165-1/161-7/83-1/85-5/8In Stock
J2504835-1/85-1/823-1/85-5/8In Stock
J250503-1/85-3/165-3/1623-1/45-3/4In Stock
J250523-1/45-5/165-5/162-1/163-1/45-3/4In Stock
J250543-3/85-7/165-7/162-1/83-1/45-3/4In Stock
J250553-7/165-1/25-1/22-3/163-1/45-3/4In Stock
J250563-1/25-9/165-9/162-1/43-1/45-3/4In Stock
J250583-5/85-11/165-11/162-5/163-1/45-3/4In Stock
J250603-3/45-13/165-13/162-3/83-3/46-1/4In Stock
J250623-7/85-15/165-15/162-1/23-3/46-1/4In Stock
J2506446-1/166-1/162-1/23-3/46-1/4In Stock
J250664-1/86-3/1662-5/83-3/46-1/4In Stock
J250684-1/46-5/1662-3/44-1/46-3/4In Stock
J250704-3/86-7/1662-3/44-1/46-3/4In Stock
J250724-1/26-9/1662-7/84-1/27In Stock
J250744-5/86-11/16634-1/27In Stock
J250764-3/46-13/16634-1/27In Stock
J250784-7/86-15/16634-3/47-1/4In Stock
J2508057-1/1663-3/1657-1/2In Stock
J250825-1/87-1/463-5/1657-1/2In Stock
J250845-1/47-3/863-5/1657-1/2In Stock
J250865-3/87-1/263-3/85-1/47-3/4In Stock
J250875-7/167-9/1663-7/165-1/47-3/4In Stock
J250885-1/27-5/863-1/25-1/47-3/4In Stock
J250905-5/87-13/1663-9/165-1/47-3/4In Stock
J250925-3/47-15/1663-5/85-1/47-3/4In Stock
J250945-7/88-1/1663-3/45-1/47-3/4In Stock
J2509668-1/463-13/165-3/87-7/8In Stock
J250986-1/88-3/863-7/85-3/87-7/8In Stock
J251006-1/48-1/263-7/85-3/87-7/8In Stock
J251026-3/88-11/16645-1/28In Stock
J251046-1/28-13/16645-1/28In Stock
J251066-5/88-15/166-1/24-1/45-1/28In Stock
J251086-3/49-1/86-1/24-1/45-1/28In Stock
J251106-7/89-1/46-1/24-5/165-1/28In Stock
J2511279-3/86-1/24-5/165-1/28In Stock
J251147-1/89-9/166-1/24-5/165-1/28In Stock
J251167-1/49-11/166-1/24-5/1668-1/2In Stock
J251187-3/89-13/166-1/24-5/1668-1/2In Stock
J251207-1/2106-1/24-5/1668-1/2In Stock
J251227-5/810-1/86-1/24-5/1668-1/2In Stock
J251247-3/410-1/46-1/24-5/1668-1/2In Stock
J251267-7/810-3/86-1/24-5/166-1/48-3/4In Stock
J25128810-9/166-1/24-5/166-1/48-3/4In Stock

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  • Proto® 6 Point Impact Sockets are ideal for use on stubborn or damaged fasteners, and also on fasteners made from soft materials
  • The TorquePlusTM design is a high performance drive configuration which allows for quick and easy socket engagement to the fastener flats, not the corners
  • The TorquePlusTM configuration employs a radius-corner design, shifting contact area and stress away from the fastener corners and distributing contact stresses over a large area of the socket, minimizing slippage
  • The TorquePlusTM internal design minimizes fastener rounding, helps to extend fastener life, and allows the user to more easily turn worn, rounded, or rusted fasteners
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