Proto Tool 1-1/2" Drive Deep Impact Sockets *ALL* 6 Point

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Proto Tool 1-1/2" Drive Deep Impact Sockets *ALL* 6 Point

Stock #SizeNut End Outside Diameter (in)Drive End Outside Diameter (in)Nut Depth (in)Bolt Clearance Depth (in)Overall Length (in)AvailabilityPriceQty
J15042L2-5/8"4-1/83-1/42-5/323-57/646In Stock
J15043L2-11/16"4-1/83-1/42-7/323-63/646-1/8In Stock
J15044L2-3/4"4-1/43-1/42-17/643-31/326-1/8In Stock
J15045L2-13/16"4-1/43-1/42-5/164-1/166-1/4In Stock
J15046L2-7/8"4-1/23-1/42-3/84-3/646-1/4In Stock
J15047L2-15/16"4-1/23-1/42-27/644-1/646-1/4In Stock
J15048L3"4-1/23-1/42-15/324-1/86-3/8In Stock
J15049L3-1/16"4-3/43-1/42-33/644-1/86-3/8In Stock
J15050L3-1/8"4-3/43-1/42-37/644-5/646-3/8In Stock
J15051L3-3/16"4-3/43-1/42-5/84-3/166-1/2In Stock
J15052L3-1/4"53-1/42-43/644-5/326-1/2In Stock
J15053L3-5/16"53-1/42-47/644-1/86-1/2In Stock
J15054L3-3/8"53-1/42-25/324-1/86-1/2In Stock
J15055L3-7/16"53-1/42-27/324-7/646-1/2In Stock
J15056L3-1/2"5-1/83-1/42-7/84-5/646-1/2In Stock
J15057L3-9/16"5-1/83-1/42-15/164-5/166-3/4In Stock
J15058L3-5/8"5-1/83-1/42-63/644-19/646-3/4In Stock
J15059L3-11/16"5-1/83-1/43-1/324-17/646-3/4In Stock
J15060L3-3/4"5-1/23-1/43-3/324-15/646-3/4In Stock
J15061L3-13/16"5-1/23-1/43-9/644-15/646-3/4In Stock
J15062L3-7/8"5-1/23-1/43-3/164-7/326-3/4In Stock
J15063L3-15/16"5-3/43-1/43-1/44-7/167In Stock
J15064L4"5-3/43-1/43-19/644-7/167In Stock
J15065L4-1/16"5-3/43-1/43-11/324-25/647In Stock
J15066L4-1/8"63-1/43-25/644-25/647In Stock
J15067L4-3/16"63-1/43-7/165-1/327-1/4In Stock
J15068L4-1/4"63-1/43-1/24-37/647-1/4In Stock
J15069L4-5/16"63-1/43-9/164-9/167-1/4In Stock
J15070L4-3/8"6-1/43-1/43-39/644-35/647-1/4In Stock
J15072L4-1/2"6-1/43-1/43-45/644-1/27-1/4In Stock
J15074L4-5/8"6-1/23-1/43-13/164-23/327-1/2In Stock
J15076L4-3/4"6-1/23-1/43-29/324-43/647-1/2In Stock
J15038L2-3/8"3-3/43-1/41-61/643-57/645-7/8In Stock
J15039L2-7/16"3-3/43-1/42-1/643-15/166In Stock
J15040L2-1/2"3-3/43-1/42-1/163-59/646In Stock
J15041L2-9/16"3-3/43-1/42-7/643-57/646In Stock

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  • Proto 6 Point Impact Sockets are ideal for use on stubborn or damaged fasteners, and also on fasteners made from soft materials
  • The TorquePlus design is a high performance drive configuration which allows for quick and easy socket engagement to the fastener flats, not the corners
  • The TorquePlus configuration employs a radius-corner design, shifting contact area and stress away from the fastener corners and distributing contact stresses over a large area of the socket, minimizing slippage
  • The TorquePlus internal design minimizes fastener rounding, helps to extend fastener life, and allows the user to more easily turn worn, rounded, or rusted fasteners
  • Stamped size for easy reference
  • Side locking hole
  • Available in a variety of sizes and depths
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