Rolair 5715K17 1.5 HP Single Stage Portable Air Compressor Dual-Control

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Rolair 5715K17 1.5 HP Single Stage Portable Air Compressor Dual-Control

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  • Able to operate as either a Constant Run or Start-Stop
  • Constant run only draws "high amps" once at start-up
  • Start-stop is nearly noiseless and better for stationary applications
  • A must have for the resourceful workman
  • Twin cast iron cylinders can power 3-5 roofing guns, 3-4 framing/sheathing guns, or 7-9 trim/finish guns
  • Rolair doesn't just specialize in air compressors. They ONLY make air compressors and the best ones on earth at that
  • Continuous duty 1.5 HP motor
  • Produces 6.9 cfm at 100 psi

Products that supposedly provide "2 functions in 1" are often subpar at both. Not so with Rolair's Single Stage Dual-Control Portable Air Compressor. Since 1959, Rolair has been producing the best air compressors known to mankind. The 5715K17 0003 features the ability to be operated as a constant run or as a start-stop, ideal for roof and frame work, as well as in a shop. On Constant Run mode, the compressor only draws "highs" once at start-up at the beginning of use. On Start-Stop mode, it runs almost noiselessly. The extremely versatile 5715K17 won't disappoint.

The Rolair 5715K17 0003 Single Stage Portable Air Compressor offers the best of both worlds in compressor control. Previous Rolair compressors offered a choice between Constant Run (-CS) and Start-Stop (-001) functionality. Each configuration has it's pro's and con's, and with the 5715K17 0003 Dual Control model, you get the best of both worlds.

Constant Run (-CS Model)
  • Cons:
    • No off/stop button, needs to be unplugged
    • Runs continously
    • Noisy, constant sound
  • Pros:
    • Only draws high amps at startup
    • More portable
    • Works in a wider variety of electrical environments
    • Preferred by roof and framing crews
Start-Stop (-001 Model)
  • Cons:
    • Pulls extra amps on every startup
    • More likely to blow breakers when used with an extension cord
    • More likely to blow breakers in warm weather
    • Less portablility
  • Pros:
    • Doesn't run constantly, less noise
    • Better for stationary applications
    • Preferred by mechanics and workshops

The 5715K17 includes:

  • One (1) RolAir 1.5 HP Twin Tank Electric Belt Drive Air Compressor
  • One (1) Pressure Gauge
  • One (1) Accessory Support Clip
  • One (1) Intake Filter with Silencer and Replaceable Element
  • One (1) Air-Cooled Aftercooler
  • One (1) Totally Enclosed Steel Belt Guard
  • One (1) Safety Relief Valve

Tech Specs:

  • CFM DISPLACED @ 100 PSI: 10.1 CFM
  • CFM DELIVERED @ 100 PSI: 6.9 CFM
  • MOTOR RPM: 1755 RPM
  • PUMP RPM: 780 RPM
  • PUMP OIL CAPACITY: 34 Ounces
  • REED VALVE SYSTEM: Yes (Standard)
  • WHEELS: 1 Flat Free Tire
  • TANK CAPACITY : 9 Gallons
  • LENGTH: 46 Inches
  • WIDTH: 19 Inches
  • HEIGHT: 28 Inches
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 174 lbs.

UPC - 662865267556

Having problems with your electric Air Compressor?

Things to consider.

  • Is the tank full of air so it doesn't think its supposed to kick on?
  • Is there a "reset" button on the motor that is tripped?
  • Is the Regulator adjustment being done correctly?
  • Is it plugged in to a proven working power source?
  • Is there is "not" enough restriction to the air flow that the gauge won't move up?
  • With the Regulator turned all the way off, does the compressor build up pressure then shut off?
  • When you open the tank drain slightly does the compressor kick on at about 90~100psi using the Tanks gauge to measure?
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