Starrett 505P-7 Miter Saw Protractor

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Starrett 505P-7 7" ProSite Miter Saw Protractor

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  • Simple accurate miter and butt joint cuts every time
  • Provides all the functionality of the popular Starrett 505 series, but at a much lower price
  • Takes the guesswork out of measuring and transferring angles for cutting on a miter saw
  • Eliminates the need for complex calculations and reduces waste
  • Easy to read, laser etched scale provides quick and accurate readings
  • Teflon O-ring on pivot offers precise and smooth operation
  • Made in America and built to last with a durable polymer construction

Put simply, if you own a Miter Saw, you need to own the Starrett 505P-7 Miter Saw Protractor. The 505P-7 has all the features and functionality as the other tools in the 505 series, but at a much more affordable price. Forget complex calculations and wasted material, the Starrett 505P-7 takes the guesswork out of miter and butt joint cuts and offers a quick and accurate way to measure/mark/cut with speed and accuracy. The tool features an easy to read dial and a durable "Made in America" construction that will give you long years of trouble free service and reliability. And don't worry about a learning curve, the tool features a simple to read dual scale that tells you exactly where to set your saw, so you can measure and cut in an instant. If you've ever struggled with a miter or butt joint cut and wished there was an easier way, consider the Starrett 505P-7 Miter Saw Protractor a wish granted.

The 505P-7 includes:

  • 505P-7 ProSite Miter Saw Protractor

The L.S. Starrett Company is a true American icon. Located in the heart of New England, they produce high quality tools that are 100% "Made in America", and they employ some of the most skilled tool makers in the world. And don't think all of this prestige carries a prestigious price, L.S. Starrett tools are affordable, and offer all the performance of higher priced overseas competitors.

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