Wilton Sledge Hammers "ALL"

Wilton B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammers "ALL"

Stock #WeightLengthHardnessAvailabilityPriceQty
202122-1/2 lb12"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2+ / $35.00
204124 lb12"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
204164 lb16"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
204244 lb24"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
206166 lb16''Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
206246 lb24"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
206306 lb30"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
206366 lb36"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
208168 lb16"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
208248 lb24"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
208308 lb30"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
208368 lb36"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2101610 lb16"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2102410 lb24"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2103010 lb30"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2103610 lb36"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2122412 lb24"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2123012 lb30"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)Out of StockE-mail me when in stock
2123612 lb36"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)Out of StockE-mail me when in stock
2142414 lb24"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2143014 lb30"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2143614 lb36"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)Out of StockE-mail me when in stock
2202420 lb24"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2203020 lb30"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
2203620 lb36"Heavy Duty (46 HRC)In Stock
402122-1/2 lb12"Soft Face (30 HRC)Out of StockE-mail me when in stock
404124 lb12"Soft Face (30 HRC)In Stock
404164 lb16"Soft Face (30 HRC)In Stock
406246 lb24"Soft Face (30 HRC)In Stock
406366 lb36"Soft Face (30 HRC)In Stock
408248 lb24"Soft Face (30 HRC)In Stock
408368 lb36"Soft Face (30 HRC)In Stock
4103610 lb36"Soft Face (30 HRC)In Stock
4123612 lb36"Soft Face (30 HRC)In Stock
4143614 lb36"Soft Face (30 HRC)In Stock

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  • Unbreakable handles have steel cores, allowing over 25,000 overstrikes without breaking
  • Safety plate not only securely keeps head attached, but allows hammer to stand upright when not in use
  • Anti-vibe neck and no-slip grip increases ease of operation
  • Exceeds your expectations in light/heavy demolition, stake driving, rescue/police/fire applications, mining, and more
  • Varying size handles (from 12" to 36") and heads (2.5 lbs to 20 lbs) means there is a BASH hammer that will fit your exact line of work
  • Choose from drop-forged 46HRC steel head or 30HRC soft face head
  • Anti-vibe neck and no-slip grip increases ease of operation

"Unbreakable" is a word thrown around so loosely these days that few companies can back up. One of these few is Wilton. They set out to redefine what a sledgehammer is and how they are used. The result: the new line of B.A.S.H. Bad Ass Sledge Hammers. With a name like that you know they mean business. A strong head is one thing many companies can make, but an equally strong handle is a whole other story. Each hammer in the BASH line has been tested to allow over 25,000 overstrikes before finally giving it a rest. The secret? The handles (which range from 12" to 36") aren't made of cheap wood or fiberglass, but they have steel cores. The anti-vibe neck also makes consistent light/heavy duty demolition work easier. Another problem you will have with a cheap hammer (but not with the BASH) is the head flying off. The drop-forged 46HRC steel head (or 30HRC soft face head) will remain firmly attached to the handle, thanks to the safety plate (which also allows the hammer to stand upright when not in use). The launch of these sledgehammers will be a milestone in tool development. Whether your line of work involves light/heavy demolition work, stake driving, mining, rescue/fire/police, or stone and concrete fracturing, there is a Bad Ass Sledge Hammer that will make your work easier and better.

Wilton Bash Hammer Features

Wilton Bash Hammer Anti-Vibe Neck

Wilton Bash Hammer Flat Head

Wilton Bash Hammer Lanyard Hole

Battle of the Unbreakables!

See the B.A.S.H. in action!

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