Why do I trust TOOLS-PLUS?
2 reasons. TOOLS-PLUS has been in business successfully for over 25 years and the TOOLS-PLUS website is hosted through Yahoo and is a Top Service store. Want PROOF then go to shopping.yahoo.com and type into the "search" any Tool related keyword and see for yourself! How do I know how much money my site makes?
You are given access (with your chosen Password) to a secure area of yahoo that is designed only to allow you to track your merchandise that TOOLS-PLUS sells It seems as though I'm giving out some very sensitive information on the application?
All information gathered is strictly for TOOLS-PLUS' own use and will not be redistributed an any way. I've never heard of an Affiliate Program before.
They are all over. You may have even been the source of someone else’s commission. The #1 Affiliate program is Amazon. Those little Adds that show Amazon and allow you to click through to Amazon in most cases result in a commission from them to someone. If it's like Amazon then can I sell TOOLS-PLUS' tools and accessories at my site?
Yes, Absolutely. Just copy and paste any of our images or specifications in appropriate places of your choice within your web site and link to that page on our web site and if a customer buys anything during his visit to our site you will be paid a commission. How does TOOLS-PLUS know that my site referred them a customer?
The software that displays all of our tools and accessories and the software that securely handles the shopping basket function of the sale are one integrated Yahoo program. Therefore, sales can be easily tracked from the purchase back to the source. What can this mean for my site?
It means that your visitors will appreciate your site more, for its usefulness, variety, and we'd like to think an added "touch of class" How long till I start to earn?
Within days. The process goes like this. 1st fill out the application so we can be sure of a mutually beneficial relationship. 2nd view our approved banners and billboards and/or copy and past our pictures and specifications anywhere on your site. 3rd use the link we give to you in the hyperlink from your site and start earning from then on. Can any site join TOOLS-PLUS' affiliate program?
NO! Adult content sites are out as is any site that has controversial material or sites that don't produce NEW customers for TOOLS-PLUS.

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