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One of the world's most recognized names, Channellock pliers are known to be durable and reliable. However, most people do not realize that the company name was never always Channellock. Formed in 1886, Mr. DeArment sold his hand-forged tools under the name Champion Tool Co. It was not until the invention of the Channellock pliers in 1933 and the immense popularity of them in the 1960's that the company's name changed. Some of there other popular Pliers include: Cutting Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Slip-Joint Pliers and Ignition Pliers. Continuing their stride for innovation and invention, the company sought ways to improve their product and to make it unique from the competition. The distinctive Channellock blue grips were added to not only provide convenience but also for comfort. This is now standard on such models as the 442 Ignition Pliers. This is when the tongue and groove design was changed on such models as the 420 and flanges were added on to provide durability and quality. Throughout the 90's, Channellock capitalized on the growing popularity of NASCAR by sponsoring a car. Business skyrocketed and in 1995, they earned the coveted ISO 9001:2000 status. Today, with fifth generation management, a dedication to quality and service and good products, Channellock is leading the way in hand tools.

Channellock Pump Pliers, or sometimes called tongue and groove pliers, or better yet, just "pass me the Channellocks" have an adjustable joint that enables the tool to adjust to the size of the workpiece. These Channellocks have long handles which generate lots of leverage, along with its adjustable jaws, allows the user to have a single tool that will fit a wide range of fastener sizes. Their versatility makes pump pliers a must-have tool for a wide range of tool kits, including plumbing, mechanics, and home maintenance/repair. They are especially handy in the kitchen, when you cannot open a jar or bottle. Of course, Channellock tongue and groove pliers are best known for grasping and turning large pipe connnections in the bathroom or kitchen.

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