Generac 5933 4,000 Watt Professional Portable Generator (CARB Certified)

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Generac 5933 4,000 Watt Professional Portable Generator (CARB Certified)

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The 5933 includes:

  • 1x Generac 5933 XP4000 4000 Watt Professional Portable Generator


  • Provides 4000 watts of power
  • Emissions certification: CARB
  • Idle control lessens noise and conserves fuel
  • Contains a Generac-made OHVI engine
  • Engine is protected from harm via low-oil pressure shutdown protection
  • Hardened steel tube cradle protects from external damage
  • Transportation is simplified by integrated lifting eye

Many companies believe that car engines can run generators as well. Generac specializes in all kinds of generators, and they can prove that common belief false. The XP4000 Portable Generator is equipped with Generac's own OHVI engine, made specifically for generator use. The engine lasts 3-4 times longer than a car engine. To better preserve this engine, the unit has a low-oil shutdown, which turns the generator off instead of allowing it to run and possibly cause damage. The XP4000 is surrounded by a hardened steel tube cradle, which protects it from external harm. Transporting the unit is made easy with the integrated lifting eye. The idle control is pretty convenient as well, lessening noise and conserving fuel. Generac has been making some of the best generators in the world since 1959.

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Tech Specs:

  • Brand: Generac
  • Model: XP4000
  • MPN: 5933
  • UPC: 696471059335
  • Type: Portable Generator
  • Running Watts: 3600
  • Starting Watts: 4500
  • Engine Displacement: 220cc
  • Engine Type: Generac OHVI
  • Starting Method: Manual
  • Battery Included: NA
  • Pressure Lube with Filter: Yes
  • Low Oil Pressure Shutdown: Yes
  • Fuel Tank: Steel, 4.7 Gal.
  • Run Time at 50% Load: 9.5 Hours
  • Full-Panel GFCI Protection - OSHA Compliant: Yes
  • Idle Control: Yes
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: < 5%
  • 120/240V Selector Switch: Yes
  • GFCI Protected Outlets: (4) 5-20R 120V (1) L5-30R 120V Twist-Lock (1) L14-30R 120/240V Twist-Lock
  • Single-Point Lifting Eye: Included
  • Handle Style: Folding/Locking (Accessory - sold separately)
  • Wheel type: 10" Semi-Solid Wheels (Accessory - sold separately)
  • Maintenance Kit: Included
  • Dimensions (L" x W" x H"): 30.5 x 18.5 x 23.5 (Without wheel or handle kit)
  • Product Weight (Pounds): 139
  • Warranty - Residential/Commercial: 3 Year Ltd.
  • Configuration/Emissions: CARB
  • Package Qty.: 1

How To Setup and Maintain your Portable Generator

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Generac 6294 Generator Transfer Switch Kit 30 AMP 6 ~ 10 Circuits Pre-Wired
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Generac 6294 Generator Transfer Switch Kit 30 AMP 6 ~ 10 Circuits Pre-Wired

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  • Includes transfer switch, 10' cord, and power inlet box
  • Kit includes necessary components for surface or flush mounting
  • Compatible with GP5500, GP6500E, GP7500E, XG6500, XG7000E, XG8000E, XP6500E, XP8000E, and other generators equipped with 30 amp outlets
In Stock
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