GenTran RJB06425-1450P 25' 6/4 Rubber Transfer Switch Power Cord

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GenTran RJB06425-1450P 25' 6/4 Rubber Transfer Switch Power Cord

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The RJB06425-1450P includes:

  • 1x GenTran 25' 6/4 Rubber Cord with 50 AMP CS6364 Female and 1450 Male Plugs


  • The "lifeline" between your generator and transfer switch
  • Eliminates the need for dangerous custom wiring and non-standard plug ends
  • Stays flexible even in the coldest weather conditions
  • Compatible with the following models of GenTran transfer switches: 501210, R501210, 500250, R500250, TS500250 R5010, R5020
  • 50 Amp CS6364 Female and 1450 Straight Blade Male Plug

Don't wait until the power goes out to prepare yourself; a GenTran RJB06425-1450P 25' 6/4 Rubber Cord allows you to quickly and easily attach your generator to your transfer switch. No need for dangerous custom wiring and no need to fumble around in the dark to get your electricity back. With heavy duty 6 gauge wiring and a tough rubber coat that stays flexible even in the most frigid conditions, the GenTran RJB06425-1450P will keep the power flowing and keep you and your family or business safe and secure.

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Tech Specs:

  • Length: 25'
  • Conductors: 4
  • Wire Gauge: 6
  • Amps: 50
  • Voltage: 120/240
  • Plug Ends: NEMA 1450 male plug and CS6364 female connector
  • Transfer Switch Compatibility: 501210, R501210, 500250, R500250, TS500250 R5010, R5020

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