Jorgensen 7200 Series Bar Clamps "ALL"

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Our Most Popular Jorgensen 7200 Series Bar Clamps "ALL"

Jorgensen 7200 Series Bar Clamps "ALL"

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  • 6,000 lb load capacity
  • Steel I-Bar clamps are made of extra carbon and manganese to withstand industry, schools and home craftsmen use
  • Multiple disc clutch grips automatically at any point
  • Secure hold and grip with easy release
  • Hardened steel thrust bearing
  • Crank type handle

These are the most popular heavy-duty steel bar clamps. The "I"-bar design gives visible assurance of great strength and stiffness. Subject to the rigorous daily demands of school shops, commercial woodworking operations, metalworking factories, welding applications and serious woodworking applications, Style No. 7200 is a resilient fixed-head design: the fixed head is threaded to accomdate the screw. The screws and handles are used for final clamping adjustments only. Multiple-Disc-Clutch holds securely at any point along the bar.

  • Clamping Faces - Approximately 2" x 1 3/4".
  • Bar - 1 1/2" x 7/16" high-carbon steel; rolled to a special "I" beam shape.
  • Castings - Malleable and/or ductile iron; powder coated orange finish.
  • Screw - 5/8" diameter cold-drawn steel with special, smoothly cut Acme threads; hardened steel thrust bearing; crank-type handle.
  • Clutch discs - Hardened, plated steel. Five clutch discs and one clutch spring constitute the Multiple-Disc-Clutch for Style #7200.

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