Kay MA-4 20 HP Phasemaster Rotary Type Phase Converter

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Kay MA-4 20 HP Phasemaster Rotary Type Phase Converter

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The MA-4 includes:

  • Kay Model MA-4 Rotary Type Phase Converter


  • Maximum motor horsepower 20 HP
  • Maximum total horse power 60 HP
  • Other sizes are available so please call us for more information
  • Power 1ph motors from a 3ph power supply

Is Rotary or Static for You?

Rotary 3-phase converters are the most flexible and reliable type of phase converter. They produce true 3-phase power to run any type of load or combination of motors. For this reason, Kay Industries recommends rotary phase converters for most applications requiring a phase converter.

Static 3-phase converters do not produce true 3-phase power. In fact, static phase converters are little more than electric rope starters. Unlike a rotary phase converter, static phase converters cannot balance the load between the three legs after the motor has started. As a result, static 3-phase converters never allow your motor to develop full horsepower. Static phase converters are thus suited only for small-horsepower, single-motor applications. In addtion, they cannot be used for heaters or rectifier loads.

Consider a static 3-phase converter only if your application:

  1. Starts quickly
  2. Starts infrequently (less than four times in an hour)
  3. Runs at less than 70% of its nameplate horsepower

Full nameplate output for extended periods is only possible with a rotary phase converter. If your application requires a long acceleration time, you'll need a rotary phase converter.

Check the table below for more comparisons between rotary and static phase converters.

Single motor loadsYesYes
Multiple motor loadYesNo
Rectifier & heat loadsYesNo
Load output100% of NP rating60-80% of NP rating
Limits on load startsNone6 per hour
Long term reliabilityVery HighAdequate
Variable load rangeHighLimited
Relative costHighLow
Efficiency at full load>99%95%
HP range1 - 5001/2 - 20
Maintenance RequirementsNoneSome but minimal

If a static phase converter is right for your application, the MiniPhase Static 3-Phase Converter is the best you can buy, it is built with the same attention to engineering quality and comes with the same service and documentation that has made Phasemaster Rotary Converters the industry leader.

Before You Buy a 3-Phase Converter


A word ofcaution to 3-phase converter purchasers.

Thereare many phase converters on the market and, provided they are properlysized, all will work well. Unfortunately there are no industrystandards that apply to phase converters, so to guarantee youare getting a price on phase converters of identical capacity, you mustknow the right questions to ask. You'll find tips on this page tohelp you avoid paying more for less. But the best tip of all? Buy from a company that will ask you these questions in the firstplace to ensure you get a 3-phase converter that will do the job--KayIndustries.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Never compare phase converters solely on their nameplate HPrating.
  • Always ask for theNEMA framesize of the phase converter you are being quoted. Compare pricesonly on phase converters of equal frame size, not equal HP.
  • Never believe anyone who tells you that you can get the sameoutput from a smaller frame size.
  • Always ask for the weight of the phase converter if you can'tfind out the frame size. Weight is a great proxy for phase convertercapacity. A 150 lb. phase converter absolutely cannot do the samejob a 300 lb. phase converter, regardless of its nameplate rating.That's just common sense.
  • Never buy a phase converter that runs at 3,600 RPM unless itcomes with earplugs
  • Always insist upon automatic controls if your load cycles on andoff repeatedly. It will save energy and pay for itself.

Westrongly recommend to all 3-phase converter purchasers that they askthese questions of their prospective supplier beforeplacing an order and reject any phase converter supplier that cannot orwill not respond.

  • What is the NEMA frame size of the phase converter?
  • Howmuch does the phase converter weigh?
  • Atwhat RPM does the phase converter operate?
  • Isthe phase converter available with automatic controls?

Inaddition, you should ask:

  • What is the noise level of the phase converter in decibels?
  • What happens if this phase converter will not do the job?
  • CanI get my money back?
  • CanI get credit toward a replacement?
  • What is your policy on return freight?

Buy froma company you can trust

A properlysized and selected phase converter will perform its function for years,service free and without compromising the performance of the loadequipment. But the critical factor is proper sizing. KayIndustries will always ask detailed questionsabout your application to insure that you get the correct converter forthe job.

Tech Specs:

  • Largest HP: 20
  • Max HP: 60
  • Length: 21
  • Width: 21
  • Height: 28
  • Weight: 423

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