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Lackmond has spent years providing high-quality professional diamond tools for cutting, drilling and grinding to meet the needs of today's most demanding markets. As a result of Lackmond's commitment to research and development, they produce diamond products that are unmatched in quality and have become synonymous with premium diamond cutting products. Lackmond continually tests new diamonds and powders to ensure their products provide the professional results their customers come to expect. Lackmond's product portfolio includes: saw blades, grinding wheels, concrete saws, tile saws, nonferrous blades and much more.

What to Know When Ordering Diamond Blades

To determine which product is right for your job, consider what is most important — the cost of the Diamond Blade product or the end result of cost per inch foot of cut. A higher quality blade results in a lower cost per inch foot of cut, less down time on your equipment, and a lower replacement cost. For smaller jobs and occasional cutting, a lower initial cost blade may be preferred. For large jobs and continual usage, investing more up-front will save you in the long run.

When ordering a diamond blade, consider the following factors:

  • Material Type and Hardness
  • Equipment
  • Wet or Dry Cut
  • Arbor Size (if other than 1")
  • Special Cutting Needs HAND HELD CORE RIG
  • Size of Job

Lackmond Products Background For more than a decade, Lackmond has provided high quality professional tools for sawing, grinding, and drilling that meet the needs of today's most demanding markets. Our commitment to research and development is unmatched. We continually test new diamonds and powders to provide products that exceed your expectations. The Lackmond product portfolio offers a full line of professional diamond tools and equipment including: saw blades, grinding wheels, drill bits, concrete saws, tile saws, core drill rigs, tungsten carbide wood and nonferrous blades, and much more.

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