Nova Lathes I7NS 1-1/8" 8 TPI UNC RH Nova Chuck Insert 7

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Nova Lathes I7NS 1-1/8" 8 TPI UNC RH Nova Chuck Insert 7

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The I7NS includes:

  • 1x Nova I7NS 1-1/8'' 8 TPI UNC RH Nova Chuck Insert 7


  • 1-1/8" 8 TPI UN thread (NOT UNC)
  • Precision machined from 1045 High Tensile Steel
  • Genuine NOVA product
  • Quickly and inexpensively adapt your NOVA chuck to an Oliver lathe

The I7NS 1-1/8" 8 TPI UNC RH Nova Chuck Insert 7 by Nova quickly and inexpensively adapt your NOVA chuck to an Oliver lathe. It has the quality and durability you've come to rely on.

Theinsert fits into the back of the chuck and onto your lathe headstockspindle. We have the largest range of inserts to fit many differentpopular lathe models. The inserts are threaded both inside and out. Theoutside thread is made to fit into the NOVA Chucks. The inside threadcomes in a variety of sizes, which one you need will depend on whatlathe you have. See the insert thread listing belowfor more details. If you are not sure what lathe thread you have, seea FAQon how you can identify this thread

Insert/Adaptor Listing for Nova chucks
CodeDescriptionThreadSizeLatheMatch (where known)
12NSINSERT2M20x2RH (Metric)TymeCub
I3NSINSERT3M20x1.5RH (Metric)ElectraBeckum / Multico Sumaro
I6NSINSERT63/4"Plain Bore 
I9NS INSERT9 3/4"16 TPI RH with 6mm register 
IANSINSERTA3/4"4TPI BSP RHTeknatoolTL1000 (Pre 1986)
IBNSINSERTB3/4"4TPI BSP LHTeknatoolTL1000 (Pre 1986)
ICNSINSERTC1"10TPI BSF RHTeknatoolTL1000, Woodfast, Durden 
IDNSINSERTD1"8TPI UNC RHDelta,Rockwell, Golding, General, Teknatool Comet (North America) &Mercury Lathes
IENSINSERTE1"12TPI UNF RHMyfordML8, Turnstyler
IHNSINSERTH3/4"10TPI BSW RHRockwell/ Homecraft 
IINSINSERTIM24x3RH (Metric)BLine, Arundel K600/K450
IJNSINSERTJ11/8" 12 TPI RHMyfordMystro, Masterlathe (NZ)
IKNSINSERTKM18x2.5RH (Metric)EluDB 180
ILNSINSERTL11/4" 8 TPI RH Designedfor Teknatool 1 1/4" thread reversible operation lathes
IMNSINSERTM1"10TPI BSF LHTeknatoolTL1000, Woodfast / Durden
INNSINSERTNBlank. Can be threaded up to 28mm (1 1/8? to match your lathe sizeOncethreaded, this blank adapator cannot be re-threaded. 
IQNSINSERTQM30x3.5RH (Metric)TeknatoolTL1500/3000/Comet (European & Southern Hemisphere), Woodfast
ISNSINSERTS 5/8"Plain Bore DesignedSpecifically for Shopsmith Pro V, Power Pro Machines. 
ITNS INSERTT 1"8TPI Dual Threaded LH and RH 
IUNSINSERTU1 1/8" 12 TPIUNF RH Taiwanese
IYNSINSERTY11/4"  8 TPI RHForlathes don't have reverse turning ability.
IWNSINSERTWM25x2RH (Metric)TymeAvon ('83 on) & Classic, Tanner SD165; Selbix Springwood;Sorby (some markets); Cotech
IXNSINSERTX 1"8TPI RH  reversible Designedspecifically for the NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe, features lock forthe reverse function. 

Tech Specs:

  • Brand: Nova
  • Model: I7NS
  • MPN: I7NS
  • UPC: 669762001498
  • Type: Chuck Insert 7
  • Package Qty.: 1
Click Here for the Nova Chuck and Jaw reference chart.

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