Proto JPSAPRON30 SkyHook 6-Dock Apron Kit

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Proto JPSAPRON30 SkyHook 6-Dock Apron Kit

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The JPSAPRON30 includes:

  • 1x Proto Tools JPSAPRON30 SkyHook 6-Dock Apron Kit


  • 6 SkyHook Switch Connectors
  • SkyHooks and SkyDocks are made from Dupont Delrin, an acetal polymer, meaning they are strong, lightweight and impact resistant
  • The SkyDock attachment securely anchors the SkyHook to wrist, belt, apron or station
  • Just "Swipe to Switch" Hand-to-hand, hand-to-belt, person-to-person or person-to-station, the transfer is the same

Introducing the new Skyhook Tether and Transfer System from Stanley Proto which is the next generation of safety technology for positive control hand tools at any height, work areas requiring material exclusion (FME) or anywhere simple accidents become costly mistakes. Since a better tether system is a safer tether system, SkyHook provides secure tool transfers, a free range of motion, and positive tool control at the worksite. The SkyHook System builds on existing carabiner technology to provide secure transfers at every point along with a SkyDock that attaches to the wrist. The SkyDock incorporates a short lanyard that is light, tight and less likely to get caught on other equipment. You can attach the SkyDock to a hand, wrist, belt, tool apron, co-worker, work truck or a central station. By simpy "swiping to switch" tools can be transferred securely and safely. The Stanley Proto SkyHook and SkyDock system works with a complete line of sockets, drive tools, wrenches, striking tools, pliers and accessories.

Tech Specs:

  • Brand: Proto Tools
  • Model: JPSAPRON30
  • UPC: 662679122935
  • Type: SkyHook 6-Dock Apron Kit
  • Package Qty.: 1

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