Proto Tool Black Oxide Offset Metric Slugging Wrenches *ALL* 12 Point

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Proto Tool Black Oxide Offset Metric Slugging Wrenches *ALL* 12 Point

JHD065M654-9/641-39/6414-31/64In Stock
JHD070M704-9/641-39/6414-31/64In Stock
JHD075M754-41/641-57/6415-3/4In Stock
JHD080M805-15/642-1/6417-23/64In Stock
JHD085M855-15/642-1/6417-23/64In Stock
JHD090M905-33/642-33/6417-3/4In Stock
JHD095M955-33/642-33/6417-3/4In Stock
JHD100M1005-63/642-7/817-63/64In Stock
JHD105M1055-63/642-7/817-63/64In Stock
JHD110M1106-1/22-63/6417-63/64In Stock
JHD115M1156-1/22-63/6419-49/64In Stock
J2675SWM754-29/641-57/6415-63/64In Stock

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  • Non-reflective black oxide finish for use where non-plated products are required
  • 12 point box end allows for fine indexing, helping improve speed and access
  • Fits most 4, 6 and 12 point fasteners
  • Designed for heavy use in close quarters where hammer or sledge is required to loosen frozen nuts or set large fasteners
  • High strength rectangular design withstands heavy sledging
  • Box opening designed to remain in place on fastener when wrench is struck
  • Straighter handle design than striking wrenches resists springing, nut turns easier

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