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The result of quality German craftsmanship that dates back to 1865, Stabila levels are designed for the professional and serious DIYer. Stabila has been an innovator in the measuring tool market ever since they began the production of folding rules. In 1952, Stabila secured a patent for the acrylic glass vial and became the first German manufacturer of measuring tools to produce a light-metal spirit level. Today, Stabila Levels continues to blaze a trail with a breadth of line in the category that includes: box levels, mason levels, magnetic levels, electronic levels, plate levels, pocket levels and torpedo levels. Stabila has also tap into other measuring tool markets with laser levels and tape measures. Tools Plus carries a wide variety of Stabila levels and is your one stop shop for everything else Stabila.

The Stabila Level Difference

Stabila Ensures Permanent Accuracy

Stabila levels are very different than any other level you may have seen on the market. As a result of the unique Stabila vial assembly process, Stabila is able to give the user a lifetime guarantee on all their spirit levels which include: magnetic levels, builder levels, plate levels, torpedo levels, mason levels and more. The vial is cast into a vial block holder (developed specifically by Stabila) so that the vial is free from stresses but still completely immoveable. The vial and profile are permanently aligned with each other to maintain consistent accuracy with every use.

Stabila Level Installation Technology

The vial block is made of high-quality, shatterproof and easy-to-clean acrylic glass. The interior walls of the vial are precision-ground with corrosion free reference rings that are flush with the surface. This precision allows the vial bubble to move freely and ensuring maximum accuracy.

Stabila spirit levels are also extremely temperature resistant and will allow exact readings from -4 F to 122 F.

Stabila Levels are Easy To Use

Each Stabila level features a unique and specific profile that is designed to the needs and requirements of the user. This allows each level to have a high practical value combined with the required durability at the lowest weight for the application.

Stabila levels also feature permanent end caps that are built with impact-resistant plastic to ensure the protection of measuring surfaces. Stabila also offers end caps with additional functions.

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